The Festival of Human Organising is a celebration of humans’ ability to self-organise to achieve what they can’t achieve on their own.  It aims to be participatory, inclusive and fun.

To learn more about the festival, and what gave rise to it – see here.

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Reflections on the 2016 Festival

The festival that no-one owns.

Our principles

We are INSPIRED by the knowledge that that new ways of organising are emerging, a result of an emerging and profound shift in the way humans see themselves in relation to the world and each other, combined with the unprecedented ability of humans to communicate with each other rapidly and at scale.

We INVITE anyone who has a passion for more human, compassionate, participatory and joyful ways of organising to join our festival.

We ASK that you embrace the following principles that we consider integral to the Festival:

  • radical participation and inclusion,
  • recognition of deep connection with all life;
  • service to the community of life;
  • transparency;
  • self-organisation and self-empowerment; and
  • communal effort.

Programme (overview) of the 2016 Festival, that ran from Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th June, 2016, in 1-page pdf to download

For event by event progamme schedule, click here.

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