Dates for the Festival

The steering group met on Tuesday 26th January 2016 and set the dates for this year’s Festival, which will be Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th June. This coincides with the London week of creativity and well-being,  which runs the whole week.

These dates will be the focus for the Festival but it may be that events happening in previous or later weeks could also be counted as part of the festival.  For example, Global Sharing Week is the previous week,  and it might be that an event.

Also, not all events have to happen in London.  There has been interest shown in holding an event in Bucharest, for example, and also in the west of England,  perhaps in Bristol.



  • Hi there,
    I think I may like to become a part of the festival. How do I sign up?
    Many thanks,

    • human0rganis1ng

      Hi Alison,

      nice to hear from you. If you want to organise an event, submit your details on the form on the “run an event” page. if you want to attend events, sign up for the newsletter and watch out for details of events when we publish the programme in May. If you want to help in organising, send an email to patrick (at)

      Best wishes, Patrick

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