Run an event

Would you like to run an event as part of the Festival of Human Organising in June 2017?

The idea behind the festival is that new ways of organising are emerging in the world. They go by various names, including responsive, teal organisations, sociocracy, B Corps, holacracy, lean, agile, conscious capitalism, sharing economy, beyond budgeting, circular economy, worldblu, stakeholder ownership and dialogue. What they share is that they invite us to be more fully human and to live and work more harmoniously with each other and the non-human world.

The festival is intended to be an annual celebration to share and explore these new ways of organising. It promises to be self-organising, unpredictable and fun. Come and join some of the leading thinkers and activists in this field to and discuss these exciting ideas and explore the future of organisations.

The festival is a day celebration of new ways of organising, a collection of independently arranged events and endeavours in and around London under the common theme of Human Organising.  Visitors will be able to go to any event(s) they are attracted to.  At the end there will be a convergence in one location to celebrate the diversity of different ways of organising.

Invites are open to individuals and organisations who may be interested in organising an event during the three days.  An event can be anything from a small gathering of a few people to something more staged. The festival is completely free of charge, but some may charge for their events if they feel they need it to make it feasible.

In terms of venues, the choice is yours. You might decide to take a free venue, such as a small corner of a pub, or of the Royal Festival Hall, or a park (it is June, after all). Or you might beg or hire a place. If you are stuck, we may be able to help with venues but can give no guarantees.



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